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Reversal of Fortune: An Extraordinary Story of a Guide Dog

In an extraordinary reversal, a young British blind woman with a seeing eye dog, has an operation that partially restores much of her vision. Then, her guide dog loses her vision and the young woman becomes her “seeing eye” guide.

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Can you hear me now?

As our population ages, hearing dogs trained to aid the deaf, could also become a critical asset for thousands of people who have seriously diminished hearing.

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Support for Bereaved Pet Owners

The loss of a friend’s beloved dog conjures memories of Dr. B’s last service dog. It is a sadness many of us have gone through or will, since the joy of having any dog necessarily includes the reality that their lives are not as long as ours. Included in this post are some resources to […]

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The Newfoundland as a Service Dog?

Larger dogs might be more helpful as service dogs for some types of disabilities, such as balance. The Newfoundland is highly regarded for its calm disposition, stable temperament and working history. What are the pros and cons for using this breed as a service dog? With help from McKenzie, the “Newfie” belonging to Tom and […]

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Bergamasco Shepherd
A purebred dog!

A Mix or a Mutt?

Standing in line behind a woman in a wheelchair, I was fascinated by the service dog attached to her. Knowing how difficult it is to get through a busy day without having to answer questions from curious onlookers like me, I quietly studied the animal trying to decipher what breed he was. Pale, almost cream […]

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Ocho, Nemo, & Monroe: "Dogs on Call" provide comfort at Oso disaster Photo Credit: Kathy Knox

Therapy Dogs: An Exceptional Response to Catastrophe

Disasters often bring out exceptional response — and none may be more valued than the dogs who come to help find victims, and in this case, to also comfort them.

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Papillon Dog

A smiling service dog may be no laughing matter.

Do dogs laugh? A service dog uses this unique means to warn his human partner of an oncoming seizure. Research also shows that facial expression for dogs may be just as important as it is for humans. Photos of laughing dogs.

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Bone up on this canine behavior

Why do dogs, including trained service dogs, bury bones?

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It’s Valentine’s Day! Meet our Team and Share the Love

 Happy Valentine’s Day to all our wonderful readers and contributors from the My Magic Dog team! My Magic Dog has been blogging for awhile and we thought our readers might like to know something about the wonderful group of people who help us put together the My Magic Dog posts and feeds. So here they […]

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Service Dog Regulations: United States

We received an important question from renown dog trainer, Pat Brown-John, the director of  All About Obedience.  Although the example she gives is related to private training, this is an important issue, one with direct ramifications for others who want to train their own dog or have a professional trainer do it.  I therefore asked […]

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