Happy Halloween (boo!)

We were going to write about the precautions a service dog or pet dog guardian needs to take on Halloween: dogs afraid of masks, avoiding toxic chocolate treats, etc.  But then we realized that our loyal readers already know about these concerns.

So, while deliberating what to write, we saw photos from the service dog training conducted by Terri Smith.  It sure answers the question as to whether or not service dogs get to have any fun!  As a result, we decided it would be more enjoyable to select some of the photos she took from a recent training.

Then, we went further afield and plucked out some of our favorites from Flickr.

Enjoy, don’t eat too many treats and let us know which of the following photos is your favorite!

Ahoy Mate! [Credit: Terri Smith]

[Credit: Terri Smith]

[Credit: Terri Smith]

[Credit: Terri Smith]


Ollie, rescue dog and newest Seahawks Fan [Photo contributed by Maude Barnett]

Wonder Woman [Flickr: Debra Garrison, DVM]

Firecman [Flickr: Debra Garrison, DVM]

Dynamite! [Flickr: Jay Laney]

Frog Prince: [Flickr: Andrea Arden]

Ghost Dog! [Flickr: Juhgodol Pictures]

[Flickr: Muhammad Adll Chaudry]

Devil Dog! [Flickr: Swampgrass]

Ah Hoy Mattie! [Flickr: Andrea McG]

And last but not least:


“How we dogs suffer for those we love.”              [Flickr: Tyler Walden”


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