Lost Dog? Electronic savior to the rescue!

Summer . . . ah, the lovely breezes, picnics in the park, swimming down at the old pond and running around playing with the dog. But wait!  Where is the dog?

Many of us (too many) have endured the heart-sinking realization that our beloved pooch has wandered off.  Immediately, the worst scenarios come to mind. We put up posters, we canvas the neighborhood door-to-door (“Have you seen Max?  He sort of looks like a cross between a bull dog and a poodle, but with a little retriever mixed in.”) We rush to animal control, to every shelter in the vicinity. We stop truckers, ask shops to put up flyers and, meantime, all the horrors of the world fly through our thoughts. (He’s fallen over a cliff and can’t get back up! He’s been picked up by a cruel person who’s going to take him to a medical lab for $5, etc.)

Finally, these many years after the home computer revolution, the phones we put in our pockets, a GPS to navigate us through the world, clapping to turn on/off our lights, or just telling some audio mechanism in our home to adjust the temperature, play our favorite music, or record a tv program, there is something electronic to help us find our dogs.  We just attach a little gizmo to his or her collar and when Fido of Fiffi take off after a squirrel (or just take off because the mood hits them), we can track the dog on our phone.

There are a variety of companies that make these little trackers.  Each one costs about $30 and up, often with steep discounts for multiple orders, so whether you have one dog or 10, you can follow them all.  A few of the devices are listed below under “Review of Dog Trackers.” Don’t wait.

You make sure your dog’s shots are up-to-date, you have a little heart or fire hydrant with your contact info, he/she has a microchip, but believe me when I tell you (as the custodian of more than one dog who took off for the hills), nothing — and I mean nothing — means as much as that moment when someone yells, “Hey, is this your dog?” And that’s exactly what these devices can do.

Note: MyMagicDog is not recommending one device over another.  Please research them yourself and read the reviews from customers.

For an excellent review of various trackers, click here: REVIEW OF DOG TRACKERS



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