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Pet Sitter For Hire

Pit Sitters are becoming more popular. But, oh boy, do they have stories to tell! Included is a recommendation for our favorite local pet sitter.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Things That Make Dogs Thankful

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for our pet dogs and service dogs. A special turkey recipe to treat them is included.

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Pet-Sitter for your Home

How to Select a Pet Sitter for Your Service Dog or Family “Fido”

Having a pet sitter, someone who comes into your home while you are on vacation has increased in popularity. Many organizations and individuals provide that service. It seems like a great idea — less stress for your dog and you. Still, giving your house keys to a stranger can be a big mistake. So, how […]

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Reading with Morgan

Service Dogs Teach Children to Read

Did you know that a service dog can help teach a child to read, and sometimes do a far better job than any specialized tutor or teacher ever could? If you’re thinking, “How can a dog teach my child to read?” Read on, as the latest research confirms this remarkable process.

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Unusual Holiday Gifts for Your Service Dog or Canine Companion — and One You Won’t Believe!

It’s that time of year when we hustle and bustle to find special gifts for our loved ones — and by that we mean: Your Service Dog or Pet Dog! We’ve got you covered. We’ve researched some of the best gifts you can give your furry friend and we’ve found one you’ll never believe!

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Putting on the  WiggleLess® brace

New Dog Product to help dogs with IVDD

Whether you have an overweight dog that needs extra support, an elderly dog with an aching back, a dog diagnosed with IVDD related back problems, or an overly active dog who would benefit from back support, consider WiggleLess® , a vet-recommended and patented dog back brace.

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dog-harness invention

Harness the Ability to Talk to Your Dog

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what our dogs are actually thinking or feeling when we talk to them? A device that would provide that information might seem far-fetched or the stuff of science fiction, but a new “dog-translator” invention is bringing that possibility closer than ever.

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B-79-Craig Weakly

Holiday Gifts for your service or companion dog.

Whether you have an assistance dog (service, guide, or signal/hearing), a working dog, therapy dog or just a beloved companion dog, chances are you will be buying him or her a present this holiday season. Can you guess the percentage of people who do buy their dog a gift?  Would it be 8%, 13%, 26%, […]

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New Products for Dogs

There are a lot of folks who blog about dogs, but the delightfully entertaining “Dog Blog,” posted by Lisa Woody is one of my favorites.  Her blog is called: – The Funniest Dog Stuff on the Planet. Ms. Woody gave me permission to repost some of her work so we’ve listed some of the […]

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