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Elsie - Camano Isl Animal Shelter

Rescue Dogs Can Save You Too!

Freelance writer Jenny Holt describes the best place to get a dog: at an animal shelter. You may think you are rescuing a dog, but the dog may actually be rescuing you!

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Stand By Me: A dog and his trapped friend

The story of a dog who stood guard over her trapped friend for almost a week has captured the attention of dog lovers everywhere. Read this touching account of Tillie, a setter-mix, as she watched over Phoebe, a basset hound trapped in a cistern on a rural island.

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Paw print on book

Book Reviews: The Divinity of Dogs & The Proof is in the Poodle

Two books about dogs reviewed: The Divinity of Dogs and The Proof is in the Poodle. Both quite different — the first composed of brief stories about heroic, sometimes mysterious, always touching, ways in which dogs help someone, and the second by a holistic veterinarian. Blog post contributed by author, Mary Trimble.

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Putting on the  WiggleLess® brace

New Dog Product to help dogs with IVDD

Whether you have an overweight dog that needs extra support, an elderly dog with an aching back, a dog diagnosed with IVDD related back problems, or an overly active dog who would benefit from back support, consider WiggleLess® , a vet-recommended and patented dog back brace.

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Look of Love-GloriaYarina

In the name of love . . .

Today is Valentine’s Day and we couldn’t think of a more beautiful story than the one you’ll read here today. But, we must warn you: have a box of tissues handy for the tears about to fall. Here then, for our readers on this special day, a truly beautiful love letter.

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"ROKKY" Shih Tzu (Senior Male) CASA, Camano Isl, WA

A, B, C’s when adopting a Rescue Dog……..

Adopting a dog is a big commitment. As per your contract with shelter’s like The Breed Rescue Group, IF for any reason the adoption does not work out due to life changes or whatever, the rescued dog MUST be returned to the group. Please promise them you will do this. Books can help you learn […]

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Dr. B with Aria

Hearts and Hands Animal Rescue, Education and Training Center

Wild animal rescue and rehabilitation affords new insights for training at Hearts and Hands, in Ramona, CA.

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