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Happy Thanksgiving

Things That Make Dogs Thankful

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for our pet dogs and service dogs. A special turkey recipe to treat them is included.

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Chubby Service Dog

Canine Fitness Explained via Clever Infographic

Service dogs, like humans and their canine pets, are exploding. And we don’t just mean in numbers. Here’s how to help your dog stay fit.

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Best Nutrients for Dogs: Taking the mystery out of food for your Service Dog or Pet Dog

The world of dog food has become just as complex as it is for we humans seeking a healthy diet. But, unfortunately, dog food isn’t as well understood. Here is a terrific “infographic” from a fine organization in Australia, “Greyhounds as Pets,” explaining what to feed your dog so he/she stays happy and healthy.

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Photo Courtesy: Pat Brown-John

Warm Weather Means Tis The Season to Deal With Shedding

Five key things to do to keep your service or companion dog healthy during the summer months.

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A Puppy for Christmas

You’ve seen the adorable videos and pictures of a beautifully decorated box to be greeted with a puppy jumping out to lick your face. It makes for some adorable photos and Christmas morning videos, but before you give a puppy as a Christmas gift, consider these tips.

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sml happy thanksgiving

Thanksgiving’s Hidden Food Dangers for Dogs

The Thanksgiving feast is a special time to gather friends and family. But for the family dog, it can also be a crisis as many of the foods we serve can be harmful, even deadly, to our beloved pet. Here, based on the latest research, is a brief summary of some of these dangerous foods.

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Putting on the  WiggleLess® brace

New Dog Product to help dogs with IVDD

Whether you have an overweight dog that needs extra support, an elderly dog with an aching back, a dog diagnosed with IVDD related back problems, or an overly active dog who would benefit from back support, consider WiggleLess® , a vet-recommended and patented dog back brace.

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Credit_Kelly McDuff - Dogs Need Fresh Breath Too - Flikr

Brush Up On Your Dog’s Dental Health

Does your dog knock you over — not because he jumped on you — but because he has bad breath? That might be a sign of a periodontal problem, which can lead to serious health issues. Here are some vital tips (and a couple funny pics) to help you keep your pup’s teeth shining bright.

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Dog wearing green straw hat and sun glasses

The Dog Days of Summer

Summer is upon us and for your service dog or companion animal, here are some tips for helping your furry friend stay cool, no matter how high the temperature.

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Dog paw in hand

10 Things You Might Not Know About Dog Paws

Whether gi-normous or tiny, goofus-like or dainty, sensitive or not, a dog’s trotters are a fascinating study in anatomy and adaptation. Here are ten things that many people don’t know about this amazing appendage.

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