Pet Beauty Under the Knife

We do love our dogs (and cats).  Just note the fact that in the preceding years of our recession, the only expenditure that steadily increased were those paid for the care of our pets.  Some of us dress them up, talk “baby talk” to them, adorn them in collars with diamonds, color their fur, and now, in the latest extreme of our exuberance, there is plastic surgery to pretty them up or increase their manly-appearance.  (Yes, folks, I’m talking about face lifts for the ladies and surgical implants of fake testicles for the gentlemen.  Ug!)

No matter how you feel about your fancy or doleful pooch, the fact is that dogs have come a long way from depending on the scraps and trash from our ancestor’s encampments.

So, how do you feel about your dog?  Do you sleep with him (or her) or otherwise provide some adoration that you know (come on, you just know) that if other people knew, they would be shocked or at least offer a rather: Ah hem.

We love dog-people, so other than doing something that would make your pet uncomfortable, we want to know!  Send us the goofiest thing you do with your dog.  If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine . . .

Dr. B.

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