Fun, fact and fancy — Test your dog I.Q.


1. What is the difference between a pedigree dog and a dog’s pedigree?

2. What’s the difference between a cross-bred dog and a mutt (mongrel)?

3. What is a “cur”?

4. What countries have cities that (tried to) ban dogs?

5. What is the Dam?

6. What is the Sire?

7. What is a cynology?

8. Which country has the highest percentage of dog owners?

9. What does “piebald” mean?

10. The Iditarod sled race in Alaska was developed in tribute to saving the lives of people with diphtheria. How long is the race, in miles?



1. A pedigree dog is purebred — that is, one bred over many generations from a recognized breed; a pedigree is a written record of the dog’s ancestors.

2. A cross-bred dog is the result of the mating of two different pedigree breeds; a mongrel is a dog of no definable breed.

3. Cur, a slang term (more often used in Great Britain), is the same as “mongrel.”

4. At least two countries have tried to ban dogs in some of their cities: China (Bejiing) and Iceland (Reykavik).

5.  Refers to a female canine or, more correctly among those in dog circles, “bitch.”

6. Refers to a male canine or, more correctly among those in dog circles, “dog.”

7. The study of canines.

8. The USA.  According to American Veterinarians Association data,  37.2% of all households had dogs (2007).

9. Multicolored coat. Piebald coats developed as dogs became domesticated, since they are not found in their evolutionary forebear, the wolf.

10.  1200 miles.


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