Tank — sweet story but, alas, an internet fiction


Reggie or Tank? A fiction either way. Photo Credit: Snopes.com

Hello Readers,

Turns out our lovely Valentine’s story of 2015 was not accurate. Even though our able reviewers had information regarding the probable site of the supposed shelter where the dog was kept, along with some convincing reports, and other seemingly reliable responses, one of our fine readers did the obvious — and something we should have done ourselves: She checked with Snopes. Alas, it turns out that this touching story is just that — a good story.

Still . . . in reviewing the Snopes analysis, we felt their concluding statement was the important “fact,” which we share with you here:

. . . that the story may not be literal truth doesn’t prevent it from being figurative truth. Those who serve overseas do so at the cost of great personal sacrifice. A tale such as this — literal truth or not — serves to remind us all of how much they give and how much we owe them.

Read more at http://www.snopes.com/glurge/reggie.asp#rGAKPB32juT600M7.99

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