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Sad Puppy

Buying a Puppy?

Here in Washington state, the newspapers covered a truly despicable puppy mill.  The papers were explicit in their description of what was found.  The state of many of these animals, confined for years to metal cages, without ventilation, breathing and suffering from ammonia fumes released by their urine, standing knee deep in their own feces, […]

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Service Dog at Work

What is a Service Dog?

What is a service dog? A service dog is not a pet. A service dog performs some of the functions a person cannot do for themselves. For example….

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Elephant and Dogs

How lessons from a beaten elephant should change dog training forever

Do you watch dog trainers on television?  I do and one of my favorites is Victoria Stilwell, host of the unfortunate title, It‘s me or the dog. What I most admire about her training principles–and actions–are the positive techniques she employs.  She has said, “We must stop dominance-based and punitive training methods.”  I completely agree. […]

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Patti Cole with her dogs, Bonnie & Clyde

A Nose for Crime

Bonnie and Clyde weren’t the only ones caught after a crime spree.  The photo here of my neighbor, Patti Cole, and her two chocolate labs (note their names!) aren’t exactly criminals, although they are mischievous.  Visiting with them, I am reminded of an amazing crime that was solved because of a dog’s nose.  Not, as […]

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Pet Beauty Under the Knife

We do love our dogs (and cats).  Just note the fact that in the preceding years of our recession, the only expenditure that steadily increased were those paid for the care of our pets.  Some of us dress them up, talk “baby talk” to them, adorn them in collars with diamonds, color their fur, and […]

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Blog on Dogs

Let’s Blog on Dogs!

Dog breeds may look entirely different, but from the tiny Chihuahua to the massive mastiff, the DNA of all dogs tells us they are basically the same. They do have different traits in which they excel, based on the heritage of their breeding, but the evolution from wolf to canis lupus familiaris, has given us […]

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