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Dog Star

What Zodiac signs tell us about your dog

Consider these astrological signs to explain your service dog or pet dog’s personality.

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Halloween costume dress up from a dog’s perspective

Do you like to dress up your pup for Halloween? Here’s what he or she really thinks about that! Includes safety tips along with great photos from Gloria Yarina.

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B-98-FreeKibble site

Canine Capers

From the files of, here are some stories to give you a couple chuckles, and a little reminder of how our clever dogs (be they a service, working dog or companion pet), can get us into a whole host of trouble!

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Happy Halloween!

Vote for your Favorite Halloween Dog!

Vote for your favorite Halloween dog and enter a free give-away (no curses attached). Also watch the best Halloween video ever!

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Bergamasco Shepherd
A purebred dog!

A Mix or a Mutt?

Standing in line behind a woman in a wheelchair, I was fascinated by the service dog attached to her. Knowing how difficult it is to get through a busy day without having to answer questions from curious onlookers like me, I quietly studied the animal trying to decipher what breed he was. Pale, almost cream […]

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Successful dog accountant

Dogs by the Number

Magic Numbers can be fun as well as useful and there’s much more to them than you might imagine. Amaze your friends with these numbers and fun facts!

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Great Dane and Mastiff Dogs Shaking Hands

More Fascinating Facts & Trivia about Dogs

Is your service dog right-pawed or left-pawed? According to the Institute for the Study of Animal Problems in Washington D.C., dogs (and cats, too), like people, are either right-handed or left-handed, or in this case, they favor either their right or left paws. And why would it matter?  Current research at the Veterinary Neurology Center […]

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dog and bone sml

Bone up on this canine behavior

Why do dogs, including trained service dogs, bury bones?

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Ten Million Reasons to walk your dog

Amazing True Dog Tales

10 Million Reasons to Walk Your Dog: A couple out walking their dog in Northern California stumbled across a modern-day goldmine: 10 million dollars worth of rare, mint-condition gold coins buried in the shadow of an old tree. . . [Article includes the rest of this story and several other recent, news worthy, dog stories].

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Ha...ha... Figure out this one, buddy. Am I happy, sad or just teed off over this silly sweater.

A Tale of Tails

Does a dog’s wagging tale tell us how he’s feeling? Scientists think they may have unlocked a key to the emotional communication of a dog’s wagging tail. Most of us know that a wagging tail expresses not only happiness but a host of emotions. In 2007, Italian researchers reported that a wag to the left […]

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