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Golden Retriever

Do animals have souls? (Part 3)

ANIMAL SOULS AND RELIGION Norman W Wilson, PhD Soul refers to that essence or life force in a living entity. In many early cultures, there was no distinction between human animals and non-human animals or trees, rivers, plants, mountains, or the heavenly bodies. All things were alive. The Ancient Egyptians called this life force Ka. […]

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Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D.

Do animals have souls? (Part 2)

ANIMAL SOULS/ ANIMAL SPIRITS/ HUMAN SOULS by Norman W Wilson, PhD Many people who have pets, without a doubt, believe them to be an integral part of the family circle and grieve for them when they die. Furthermore, many believe their beloved pets have souls. The question is not new. Mankind has wondered about animal […]

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Big dog & little dog

Are you a big dog or little dog person?

Some of us like big dogs, some like little ones, and some like big and little and everything in between. One of the more interesting questions in the dog-world that has, apparently, never been answered to anyone’s satisfaction (although there are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles and books about it) is: Why do we […]

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Autism Puzzle

Service Dogs for Autism: Buyer Beware!

For parents who are considering a service dog for a child with autism, the following may be of interest. However, before you continue, I want to stress that this is MY opinion, based on MY experience. Therefore, you are free to disagree.

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Do Animals Have Souls?

Do Animals Have Souls? (Part 1)

When you are with people who love animals, eventually the question arises whether non-human animals have souls. I posed this question to metaphysical scholar, Dr. Norman Wilson. His thoughtful answer held us spellbound.

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Music to Soothe the Savage (Canine) Soul?

Do you leave music on when you leave home, thinking your pooch will enjoy it, that the music will fill some of the emptiness he or she might feel in your absence?  Well, you might be right – or wrong, depending on the music you select and the dog(s) you have. As mammals, it’s understandable […]

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Sad Puppy

Buying a Puppy?

Here in Washington state, the newspapers covered a truly despicable puppy mill.  The papers were explicit in their description of what was found.  The state of many of these animals, confined for years to metal cages, without ventilation, breathing and suffering from ammonia fumes released by their urine, standing knee deep in their own feces, […]

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Blog on Dogs

Let’s Blog on Dogs!

Dog breeds may look entirely different, but from the tiny Chihuahua to the massive mastiff, the DNA of all dogs tells us they are basically the same. They do have different traits in which they excel, based on the heritage of their breeding, but the evolution from wolf to canis lupus familiaris, has given us […]

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