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Tank — sweet story but, alas, an internet fiction

A story posted on Valentine’s day turns out to be fiction. But, as concludes: while “the story may not be literal truth [it] doesn’t prevent it from being figurative truth.”

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Look of Love-GloriaYarina

In the name of love . . .

Today is Valentine’s Day and we couldn’t think of a more beautiful story than the one you’ll read here today. But, we must warn you: have a box of tissues handy for the tears about to fall. Here then, for our readers on this special day, a truly beautiful love letter.

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Credit: Taylah Stiles (Flickr)

Dog Resolutions for Humans

The impending arrival of the New Year brings the inevitable list of resolutions: We vow to lose weight (no more snacking in front of the tv), clean out the garage (and keep it that way), start an exercise program and really stick to it, this time! We’re all familiar with the promises we make to […]

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A Holiday Gift for Dog Lovers

There are many wonderful books and stories about dogs. You, undoubtedly, have your favorites.  But of all those we’ve read and thought about sharing with you, the following speech given by George Graham Vest in 1870 was, we decided, the best gift we could give to our readers. Please feel free to send this beautiful […]

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The Gossip

Ten Most Difficult Dog Personalities: Does your dog have one of these?

We humans always seem to try categorizing people by personality types.  Each decade, it seems, there is a new personality “test” (e.g., Myers-Briggs) or “survey” (questions that attempt to decode who we are or who we’re dealing with). If people have personality “types,” then perhaps dogs do too!  So, we thought we’d provide a synopsis […]

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Training with Pat Brown-John

Canine Good Citizen

The American Kennel Club provides an opportunity for dogs to earn a Canine Good Citizen certificate which, as the name implies, recognizes those dogs who have passed a 10-step training test. Started in 1989, the CGC program is designed to reward dogs who demonstrate good manners at home as well as in the community. All […]

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Crazy nerd scientist silly veterinary man with dog at lab

Surprising things we do that dogs do NOT like!

We love our dogs and we think they love us.  And they do!  But the kind of affection we show to other people is, often, exactly the actions even the best dogs can barely tolerate.  Of course, dogs can’t tell us what they like – or don’t like.  But animal behaviorists who study dog reactions […]

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More Great Quotes About Dogs

Funny, sad, fabulous and true: Wonderful quotes about dogs continues . . .

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Book Review: “Captured . . . The Look of the Dog”

My Magic Dog is delighted to tell our readers about a creative and fascinating book about our canine friends.  What a treat to discover a new book, which illustrates through photos, stories, poems and quizzes, the incomparable wonders of the dog.  Please enjoy these excerpts from:   Captured…  The Look of the Dog by Fern […]

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Border Collie puppy, 6 weeks old, playing with a duckling, 1 week old, in front of white background

Guest Blog: Ducks and Other “Dog Days” Dangers

Our Pets Are Vulnerable! – Mother Nature is even less kind to domestic pets during the “Dog Days” of late summer. If we humans suffer, imagine the helplessness of our poor pets. [This blog provides an important list of dangers and ways for your dog to avoid them.]

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