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If . . .

If . . .

IF, a wonderful poem by Rudyard Kipling, was a standard for many of us who learned it in school. But what if it had been written by a dog? Our service dog accepts the challenge.

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Credit_Kelly McDuff - Dogs Need Fresh Breath Too - Flikr

Brush Up On Your Dog’s Dental Health

Does your dog knock you over — not because he jumped on you — but because he has bad breath? That might be a sign of a periodontal problem, which can lead to serious health issues. Here are some vital tips (and a couple funny pics) to help you keep your pup’s teeth shining bright.

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Funny pig

Dogs of the Criminal Masterminds

Whether you have a service dog, a guide dog, or just a wonderful companion dog, they (and we) do get into trouble. Here, without preamble are some of the stories and the criminal “masterminds” behind them.

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Dog Crazy

Book Review: Dog Crazy

It may seem counter-intuitive, but “Dog Crazy” provides both a light-hearted read and insight into the scope and style of pet-grief counseling.

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Dog examines the "dog-tionary"
Photo credit: Gloria Yarina

Measuring Canine Intelligence

Years ago, a controversy erupted over a listing of dogs according to their intelligence. The author tells where her dog rated. Now, there is a new test to let us know how our dogs rate on an intelligence scale. Is he/she more of a beauty, or the Nobel prize-worthy brain of the dog world?

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hearing dog-2

Can you hear me now?

As our population ages, hearing dogs trained to aid the deaf, could also become a critical asset for thousands of people who have seriously diminished hearing.

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Photo credit: Gloria Yarina

Bonus Blog: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our two-footed and four-footed friends!

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Serious books for dog lovers.

For people who want to read about dogs, but are looking for something more serious than books about happy dogs or cozy dog-sleuth mysteries by authors such as Spencer Quinn (To Fetch a Thief; Dog On It), or need something more scientific than the wonderful stories by British veterinarian James Alfred “Alf” Wight (whom dog […]

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Mr. Carson, Butler

Downton Abbey Revisited

We posed a challenge to our consultant and photographer extraordinaire, Gloria Yarina, asking if she would use some of the main characters in Downton Abbey to illustrate the same for a new program, which we’ll call: DOGTON ABBEY (get it?).

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Support for Bereaved Pet Owners

The loss of a friend’s beloved dog conjures memories of Dr. B’s last service dog. It is a sadness many of us have gone through or will, since the joy of having any dog necessarily includes the reality that their lives are not as long as ours. Included in this post are some resources to […]

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