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I love my dog

Dog Ownership: An Infographic

Owning a dog brings joys, possibilities and responsibilities. This clever infographic from Clippers Ireland captures it all.

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Liz Taylor & Her Dog

Man and Man’s Best Friend: We’re More Similar Than We Think

We now know there is science behind the oft-observed phenomenon that people tend to look like their dogs (or is it the other way around?). But dogs have more in common with us than we may realize. Read on to discover some of these similarities.

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service dog

Service Dogs in Action

Watch a service dog in action. A 2nd video shows the impact of one child with autism when he gets a service dog named Gus.

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Hugs for You

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A photographic tribute to our love for dogs. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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2017 Calendar

Dog Holiday Calendar

A look at the special, fun and awareness days for dogs throughout the year.

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Happy New Year ~ 2017

My Magic Dog wishes all our furry friends and loyal followers a very Happy New Year 2017!

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Christmas puppy

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Adoption

The holiday bells are ringing and it’s time to consider gifts for our family and friends.  For many people, the greatest gift is not one that has a high price tag nor does it come in the wrong size: it’s the gift of love. And, for us, is there any greater gift of love than […]

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“Hark! Who goes there?”

Many hearing dogs have used their exceptional ability to save the lives of their deaf human partners. Our regular “Fido” friends have often done the same. Here are a few stories of these heroic canines.

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dog laughing

Police Dog on a Plane

A dog story for frequent flyers. Oooohhh…. it’s good!

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Halloween costume dress up from a dog’s perspective

Do you like to dress up your pup for Halloween? Here’s what he or she really thinks about that! Includes safety tips along with great photos from Gloria Yarina.

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