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dog and bone sml

Bone up on this canine behavior

Why do dogs, including trained service dogs, bury bones?

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mmd dog at bNb at table

Spoiler Alert! For those who baby their dogs.

You’ve seen them – whether it’s an adorable Papillon (the kind whose ears look like butterfly wings) or sturdy service dogs—they’re dressed up like ballerinas on their way to a rehearsal of Sleeping Beauty, carried in posh Louis Vuitton bags, or spoken to while they lie at the feet of Madame who’s feeding bits of […]

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How Dogs Love Us

An Extraordinary Revelation: Decoding Dog Thoughts

Can you imagine getting a dog – even a service dog – to go into the loud, dark tunnel of an MRI  (magnetic resonance imaging) and lie there quietly, without moving, while the machine scans the dog’s brain? I never imagined it could be done or, more accurately, why someone would want to do that – unless, […]

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Ha...ha... Figure out this one, buddy. Am I happy, sad or just teed off over this silly sweater.

A Tale of Tails

Does a dog’s wagging tale tell us how he’s feeling? Scientists think they may have unlocked a key to the emotional communication of a dog’s wagging tail. Most of us know that a wagging tail expresses not only happiness but a host of emotions. In 2007, Italian researchers reported that a wag to the left […]

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