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Dog examines the "dog-tionary"
Photo credit: Gloria Yarina

Measuring Canine Intelligence

Years ago, a controversy erupted over a listing of dogs according to their intelligence. The author tells where her dog rated. Now, there is a new test to let us know how our dogs rate on an intelligence scale. Is he/she more of a beauty, or the Nobel prize-worthy brain of the dog world?

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dog-harness invention

Harness the Ability to Talk to Your Dog

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what our dogs are actually thinking or feeling when we talk to them? A device that would provide that information might seem far-fetched or the stuff of science fiction, but a new “dog-translator” invention is bringing that possibility closer than ever.

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sml pb face 2849

Eye Love You

A Japanese study discovers that we experience the same hormonal changes in gazing at our dogs as new mothers do with their babies. This may account for the intense bonds we have with our dogs.

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The Newfoundland as a Service Dog?

Larger dogs might be more helpful as service dogs for some types of disabilities, such as balance. The Newfoundland is highly regarded for its calm disposition, stable temperament and working history. What are the pros and cons for using this breed as a service dog? With help from McKenzie, the “Newfie” belonging to Tom and […]

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Altruism and Dogs

Do service dogs–or any dogs–help people because they are altruistic? Renown scholar Dr. Norman Wilson answers this controversial question.

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Pees on people! [Photo from Bonnie J.]

Dogs with Difficult Personalities: Follow-Up

Wonderful Thanksgiving. Yet, let us give thanks for these difficult personalities – be they human or canine. For they give our holidays a bonus of fun, even if one or more is rather exasperating! See the pictures submitted by our photographer, Gloria Yarina, and some from our loyal readers. Enjoy!

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The Gossip

Ten Most Difficult Dog Personalities: Does your dog have one of these?

We humans always seem to try categorizing people by personality types.  Each decade, it seems, there is a new personality “test” (e.g., Myers-Briggs) or “survey” (questions that attempt to decode who we are or who we’re dealing with). If people have personality “types,” then perhaps dogs do too!  So, we thought we’d provide a synopsis […]

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Training with Pat Brown-John

Canine Good Citizen

The American Kennel Club provides an opportunity for dogs to earn a Canine Good Citizen certificate which, as the name implies, recognizes those dogs who have passed a 10-step training test. Started in 1989, the CGC program is designed to reward dogs who demonstrate good manners at home as well as in the community. All […]

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Crazy nerd scientist silly veterinary man with dog at lab

Surprising things we do that dogs do NOT like!

We love our dogs and we think they love us.  And they do!  But the kind of affection we show to other people is, often, exactly the actions even the best dogs can barely tolerate.  Of course, dogs can’t tell us what they like – or don’t like.  But animal behaviorists who study dog reactions […]

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dog and bone sml

Bone up on this canine behavior

Why do dogs, including trained service dogs, bury bones?

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