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Book Review: Unsaid

Dog Book Review: “Unsaid,” by Neil Abramson.

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Book Review: Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

This is a terrifically funny and ingeniously acerbic story about a woman who decides to earn money doing what she loves best: dog walking. But, when she starts to accumulate more and more dogs (each with its own, unique story), did she — ahem — bite off more than she could chew?

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Pet Therapy

Book Review: Therapy Dogs And The Stories They Tell

The use of animals, particularly dogs, to help people through crisis, has been well documented. Less known, however, are therapists whose certified pets assist during the counseling session. This wise book documents numerous therapeutic sessions with the help of a trio of Brussels Griffons.

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Fixing Freddie

Book Review for Valentine’s Day: Fixing Freddie

It’s Valentine’s Day, an opportunity to remind those you love (both human and four-footers) how much they mean to you. But how about a special valentine for yourself? We love books about dogs and this one, Fixing Freddie, is one we think many dog lovers will enjoy. It’s about a woman trying to get her […]

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Paw print on book

Book Reviews: The Divinity of Dogs & The Proof is in the Poodle

Two books about dogs reviewed: The Divinity of Dogs and The Proof is in the Poodle. Both quite different — the first composed of brief stories about heroic, sometimes mysterious, always touching, ways in which dogs help someone, and the second by a holistic veterinarian. Blog post contributed by author, Mary Trimble.

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Dog Crazy

Book Review: Dog Crazy

It may seem counter-intuitive, but “Dog Crazy” provides both a light-hearted read and insight into the scope and style of pet-grief counseling.

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Reversal of Fortune: An Extraordinary Story of a Guide Dog

In an extraordinary reversal, a young British blind woman with a seeing eye dog, has an operation that partially restores much of her vision. Then, her guide dog loses her vision and the young woman becomes her “seeing eye” guide.

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Sizing up the dogs

Many dog lovers claim to love all canine types and sizes, and in a world where the tiniest breeds average only 5 pounds to those weighing over 150, this is a remarkable range of taste. Nevertheless, it does seem as if Americans prefer larger dogs.  Perhaps it is our culture (“bigger is better”?) or perhaps […]

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Book Review: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

David Wroblewski, author of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, says his book is not about a dog.  And, in the larger, more general sense, I guess he’s right since every book, in some way, is about the relationships between people.  But, if this is not exactly a book about a dog, it nevertheless is one […]

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