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Bulldog Looking Guilty

Guilty Dog

Hello Fellow Dog-Lovers! Well, the holidays are over but not, unfortunately, the reminder (for most of us) from a bit of extra weight. According to media reports, the average American gains seven pounds between Thanksgiving and the end of December. The truth is, however, that the usual amount of weight gained during this period is […]

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Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

  The holidays are fun – and stressful. Many of us will be taking a plane in order to to see family and friends for the holidays, and we want to bring our dog (or dogs, as the case may be) along.  Especially when flying, there are a few important things you can do to […]

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Dog Treats for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and that means . . .the average person will gain between 7 to 9 pounds before the new year.  Some of us (and oh dear, let that not be me!), will gain even more.  Ghastly! But we humans have an advantage – we can control our portion sizes, refuse high […]

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I'm a Service Dog. No, wait -- Today I'm Superman!

Faking a Service Dog

Dear Dr. B., I recently had to take a six-hour plane ride.  In addition to the stress of traveling by plane these days, I had the misfortune of sitting next to a woman whose constantly yapping little dog wore a vest with the words “service dog.”  Once we were seated and before we took off, […]

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Research Survey

Service Dog Study: Please help

The surveys for this study have been closed.  Thanks to all who participated. Dr. B

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 Rush is on to rescue animals stranded in Sandy's wake

Rush is on to rescue animals stranded in Sandy’s wake

By Laura T. Coffey, TODAY contributing editor [Mehdi Taamallah AFP – Getty Images] A resident and his dog are evacuated on Tuesday from a neighborhood in Little Ferry, N.J., one day after the superstorm Sandy slammed the East Coast. Will dogs, cats and other animals fare as badly in Sandy’s wake as they did during […]

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Fun Facts

Fun, fact and fancy — Test your dog I.Q.

  1. What is the difference between a pedigree dog and a dog’s pedigree? 2. What’s the difference between a cross-bred dog and a mutt (mongrel)? 3. What is a “cur”? 4. What countries have cities that (tried to) ban dogs? 5. What is the Dam? 6. What is the Sire? 7. What is a […]

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Bob - Oil on canvas by George Earl

Assistance, Therapy Dogs and Pets in Art (Museums & Galleries)

If one searches through museums and galleries of art, you can, almost invariably, find portraits of intriguing characters distinguished by the dog on his or her lap, at their feet, in the fields or even, in their bed. But of special note are those museums and galleries dedicated to our canine and feline friends.  One […]

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Golden Retriever

Do animals have souls? (Part 3)

ANIMAL SOULS AND RELIGION Norman W Wilson, PhD Soul refers to that essence or life force in a living entity. In many early cultures, there was no distinction between human animals and non-human animals or trees, rivers, plants, mountains, or the heavenly bodies. All things were alive. The Ancient Egyptians called this life force Ka. […]

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Pat Brown-John "proofing" three dogs. (Note service dog on the left.)

Ask the Trainer: Follow-up: “Should I use treats in my dog training?”

Should you use treats to train your dog? We received so many questions regarding a previous post (“Should I use treats in obedience training?” – June 26, 2012), it was clear that “using treats in your dog training” is an important topic. We therefore decided to give the question of treats-in-training some additional attention in […]

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