Solving Dog Behavior Problems

The main reason service dogs do not pass through to final training and assignment AND the number one reason an owned-dog is taken to a shelter is because of behavior problems.  How to address this issue has been a major concern for dog-lovers the world over.

Our seemingly endless creative talent down Aussie-way, Tom Clarke, Marketing Manager for “Greyhounds as Pets,” has sent us another of his brilliant infographics concerning this critical issue: Dog Behavior Problems. (Don’t ya just love the way the proper-English-educated spell “behaviour?”  Makes one think that their dogs must be a bit classier too, don’t ya think?)

An infographic by the team at Greyhounds As Pets. If you have any comments or can add any information to this infographic, Mr. Clarke would like to hear from you.

To learn more information about this fine organization, click here:

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