The Ultimate Guide to Dog Adoption

Christmas puppy The holiday bells are ringing and it’s time to consider gifts for our family and friends.  For many people, the greatest gift is not one that has a high price tag nor does it come in the wrong size: it’s the gift of love. And, for us, is there any greater gift of love than a dog?

During the holidays, many families decide to open their homes and hearts to a new puppy, a young dog, an old dog, or even a dog with special needs.  We applaud you all!  If you intend to get a dog, however, please consider three important things:15903324650_7df5c412a9_o

(1) never put a new puppy “under the tree” and have him or her try to acclimate to its new human family during the craziness of the day.  If you want to give a puppy to young children, consider putting a big bow on an empty box with a picture of a puppy inside or a note promising one. Then, when things calm down, you can take the family and pick out your new four-pawed family member;

(2) please consider getting your new dog or puppy from an animal shelter; and

(3) never buy a puppy or a dog from a store.  No matter what story the shop owner tells you, the reality is that almost every puppy being sold through a store comes from either a backyard breeder or a puppy mill.

With those cautions in mind, here is a brilliant infographic from our friends at “Greyhounds As Pets.”  We can’t imagine the time and research it must have taken to develop this easy-to-follow process of acquiring a dog but it has everything you need to know. Presented in a fun, creative way, the infographic covers everything you need to know if you’re thinking of getting a dog. We hope you’ll review it carefully and send it on to others who have or are thinking of getting a dog.  A special thanks to creator, Tom Clarke, Marketing Manager, Greyhounds As Pets. The Ultimate Guide To Dog Adoption

To learn more about the fine organization which provided this infographic, go to: GREYHOUNDS AS PETS

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  1. Norman W. Wilson, PhD. December 22, 2016 at 1:11 pm #

    WOW! You have done yourself proud with this one, Doc. Excellent information, points well made.

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